General Announcements

How do I Join?

Sign up here! It’s as easy as that! You’ll also need to pay dues and buy a rugby if you don’t have one already. This sign-up form is so we know who you are and to make sure you get put on the official committee email list so you don’t miss any announcements. If you have any questions related to being a member of the Rally Committee, reach out to our Vice Chair of Membership Alyssa at

Paying for Dues and Rugby!

In order to fully join the Committee and join us for the next upcoming football game, you’ll need to pay your dues and purchase a rugby! Dues are $45 and a rugby is $55. You can pay through either cash or check. If you didn’t get a chance to do that at Wednesday’s meeting, you can find Aidan at the Committee’s table on Thursday 9/1 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Friday 9/2 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Sproul Plaza. You can drop by to pay your dues at any time, but you must slack message or email Aidan the day before if you want him to bring you a rugby (and be sure to specify the size you would like). If you need to pay Aidan and you are unavailable at these times or if you have any other questions or concerns about this, you can slack message Aidan at any time or email him at

Cal History, Spirit, and Traditions DeCal!

A fun one unit DeCal where you can learn about our amazing school!! All of the information you need is at the link below. Please come to class THIS Thursday in Haviland 12 from 5-6. If you have any questions, email or


Add the UCRC Calendar!

To keep up with our latest events, including times, dates, and locations, make sure to add the official Rally Committee calendar to your bCal. Follow this link to add our calendar to your schedule and make sure you’re up to date with all the happenings. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Paulina at or slack @Paulina! 

Join Slack!

Once you’ve officially joined the Committee, it’s time to join our Slack! Slack is our primary communication platform where ExComm and Board will send updates and announcements about game days and events. It’s also where you can chat with fellow members, share your interests, and plan hangouts of your own. You can use this link to create a Slack account using your Berkeley email (or login to your existing account) and join. It’s as easy as that! In future meetings, we will go over Slack logistics and how to use it’s unique features. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Paulina at or slack @Paulina! Go Bears!

Member Spotlights

There are so many amazing members doing so many amazing things, and we want to spotlight them on our instagram! We need y’all’s nominations to do this, please nominate older or new members to be spotlighted at HERE. Also slack Joseph or Allyssa with any questions or concerns. 

Gameday Reminders!

If you are joining us for the Cal vs. Nevada Football game this Saturday be sure to check out the stadium’s clear bag policy and only bring empty, clear, soft sided water bottles. Additionally remember to bring your mask as they are required indoors and on the field and encouraged in the stands as well. If you have any questions about gameday protocol please email Kristina at or slack message me!

Upcoming Events

Welcome Week!

WELCOME WEEEEK continues this week so be sure to show up and show these interested students what Rally Comm is all about. You don’t have to come to everything but if you could stop by for any event for any amount of time and chat with people that would be more than appreciated! Message Alyssa at (831)601-0122 or 

The schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday 9/2 – Night Rally @ 8pm starting at Bowles Hall (then going around to all the dorms)
  • Friday 9/3 – Northside Adventure @ 6-8pm 
    • Come and learn some Cal history as you either hike the Big C or just take a stroll to Menchie’s past Founder’s Rock! We will be meeting at Bowles Hall at 6pm for both trips.
  • Saturday 9/4 – First Gameday!!!
  • Monday 9/6 – Capture the Axe @ 6-7:30pm on the Memorial Glade

Welcome Week Photos

Send in your welcome week photos! You not only can get featured on Rally Comm’s social media accounts and work towards your pin requirements. Either slack Allyssa or Joseph the photos or email them to Also slack Joseph or Allyssa with any questions or concerns.

Flag Waving Practices!

Hello loyal Californians! A reminder that everyone (new and old) needs to have completed one flag waving practice before waving on a game day or at a rally, so if you want to sign up to wave on Saturday for the game you must have gone to yesterday’s flag waving practice on the Glade OR email with your plans to attend (wearing close-toed shoes) either: 

  • pre-Night Rally waving practice TOMORROW (9/2) @ 7-8pm in the Bowles Hall parking lot
  • post-Noon Rally waving practice FRIDAY (9/3) @ 12:30-1pm on Sproul Plaza 

Go Bears Go Flags!

Night Rally (09/02/2021)

Heyyyy Rally Comm, who is ready to celebrate the first game day with a Night Rally! A Night Rally is where all of Cal Spirit Parades around to Bowles, AXO, Unit 2, Unit 1, and Unit 3 and we share our love for Cal Spirit. If you are ready to dance and sing with Cal Band, meet us at the Bowles Lot @ 7:45pm. We traditionally chant “Come Outside” to encourage students to join us, however to prevent large crowds we will be chanting “Stay Inside” at the residence halls. Please come in your rugby/ any blue and gold y’all have :) We are also encouraging everyone to wear a mask in order to keep everyone safe!  If you have any questions feel free to slack me (Joseph G) or email me at

S P E L L O U T (Night Rally Edition 🌙)

School is back, Bears! And we should make sure all the students coming back to campus remember how to spell, because autocorrect doesn’t work on paper. That’s why this upcoming Night Rally on Thursday 9/1 is the perfect opportunity for you to do a Spellout! You’ll be one step closer towards your Member Events pin and have some great memories to look back on. Email Wesley if you’re interested or send him a Slack message. Space is limited so act fast!

Noon Rally (09/03/2021)

Another Rally! Noon Rallies are such a fun time because you get to watch all of Cal Spirit take over Sproul Hall and get everyone hyped for Game Day. We need y’alls help to set a perimeter so no student gets hit by Cal Spirit and to come enjoy the show. If you would like to participate please meet me this Friday at bottom left of the Mario Savio Steps (right outside Sproul Hall) @ 11:45am. Again please wear your rugby’s/Cal merch and get ready for a fun time! If you have any questions feel free to slack me (Joseph G) or email me at

Noon Rally Banner Guard

NOON RALLY!  WOOHOO!  Cal Band, Oski, Mic Men, Rally Comm, and other spirit groups all put together to embody what it means to be a loud and proud Golden Bear!  But just how can we make this better?  Why with the California Banner of course.  To make this happen, Enrique, our Director of Security, needs your help to help set-up, guard, and take down the banner throughout the course of the Rally.  If you would like to be a part of Noon Rally Banner Guard, please fill out the form at, and be sure sign for ALL times you are available to better aid Enrique in making the proper placements.  We will be meeting on the steps of Sproul Hall on Friday, September 3rd, 2021, at 11:30am if you choose to help set-up the banner.  More information on what Noon Rally Banner Guard positions are detailed in the form linked above.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Enrique via email at or by Slack (just search up “Enrique” and he should pop up)!  

Cookie Baking!

Are you super excited for the game? Do you want to meet new friends in a smaller environment? Do you like cookies and crafts? Haven’t learned your cal songs before the game? Well then you should stop by cookie baking on Friday! Cookie baking will be from 3:30-5:00 on Friday at Rallyhouse. Stop by 2204 Dwight Way and ring the doorbell! We will be making cookies to bring to midnight singing, making blindfolds for the Pappy statue, and learning some songs for gameday! Feel free to stop by at any time throughout the event! Make sure to mask up!

Midnight Singing!

Do you want to eat freshly made cookies and sing Cal songs at the Campanile? Join us for this fun pre-game tradition for a night of fun! Meet at the Campanile at 11:59! You do not need to know the songs in order to participate- just stop by and listen. The event should be done around 12:15, so plan a safe route home accordingly! NO RALLY COMM GEAR AT THIS EVENT. Make sure to mask up!

Card sorting 

We need lots of help sorting cards for the first Card Stunt of the year! We are doing a card sorting from 1-4pm this Friday! Sign up on this google form and stay tuned for updates on slack.

Stunt Video

We are recording a video to be played on the Jumbotron before the Card Stunt to teach the new bears how to do it! Please help us film on Wednesday at 1 by the Campanile. Fill out the google form here: 

Gameday Jobs (sign up form here!)

Cannon Crew!!!

The fundamentals of an amazing gameday experience: Friends, Food, and Firing the California Victory Cannon. If you want to obtain all three, the best way to do so is to sign up for Cannon Crew! Come learn about the history of the only student-run cannon in the nation, get to know older and newer members, and hang out with two of the most spirited members of the Committee: Mark and Julia. AND of course: fire the cannon and unleash Oski’s Mighty Thunder!!! If you’re interested in taking part in this unique and memorable tradition, sign up on the post-meeting form or in the agenda!

So you want to wave a flag at the game…

NOW YOU TOO can wave a Cal flag during the game on Saturday! Just follow these three easy steps: 1) Have gone to Tuesday 8/31’s Flag Waving Practice or email with what other practice you’re going to (see the other blurb in the agenda) 2) Pay your dues! 3) Sign up for flags on the post-meeting form. We’ll get back to you on Thursday 9/1 about whether or not you’re waving a flag during the game, and if it doesn’t happen this time there will be many more opportunities! We often get more people interested than waving slots, but it’ll all work out in the end!! Remember the flag waving “uniform,” close-toed shoes, khakis, and your Rugby!

Tunnel Crew!

One of the best game day jobs is BACK, what a better way to start things than on the field with Tunnel Crew! Sign up for tunnel crew to welcome our Golden Bears onto the field at the start of the game. Tunnel Crew consists of raising up the Windflags when the team runs out or holding the giant “This is Bear Territory” on the field. The only jobs this conflicts with is Cannon Crew and Spell Out. Sign up on the agenda! If you have any questions feel free to slack me (Joseph G) or email me at

Banner Guard!

Picture this: A beautiful day, the excitement in the air, the anticipation of the first kickoff of Cal’s Football season.  The California Victory Cannon has just been fired and the Bench is electrified, Rally Comm is cheering and screaming, Cal Band is playing beside us, and we are preparing to do our traditional Card Stunt.  But above all this excitement stands our California Banner, marking the Bench and the greater Memorial Stadium, as Bear Territory.  Enrique, our Director of Security, needs your help in guarding the California Banner during the game!  Be sure to sign-up for this gameday job in the post-meeting sign-in form to help Enrique protect our glorious banner!

Media During the Game!

Want to run media during the game? You can sign up to take over the RallyComm instagram or take one of the Mixed Media cameras during the game to take pictures! Depending on Cal Athletics policies, you may be given access to go on the field and take/ post from there! Caution: If you do the latter you will be liable for the camera so be careful! Also slack Joseph or Allyssa with any questions or concerns. 

String Crew

Show up to the game a bit early to help with String Crew! Help set up the guide strings for the Card Stunt. You can do this job AND another game day job! It’s a late game, so it won’t be too early!

Ongoing Events

Director of Traditions Histories and Fun Facts Form

What do you want to learn about next year? Fill out this form to participate in some fun new traditions and to make your voice heard for the upcoming year! Please take three minutes to fill out this form so that the weekly history presentations are about topics that you are interested in learning about! :) Go bears!

Fill out this form!!

Alumni Mentorship Program

Looking to get more out of your experience in the Rally Committee? This year we’ll be starting up a brand new mentorship program with our recently established UCRC alumni chapter. Stay tuned for more details and updates throughout the year and Slack @Ryan or email with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Member Spotlights

There are so many amazing members doing so many amazing things, and we want to spotlight them on our instagram! We need y’all’s nominations to do this, please nominate older or new members to be spotlighted at HERE. Also slack Joseph or Allyssa with any questions or concerns. 

Let Us Know How We’re Doing!

Anonymous feedback form Link: Anonymous Feedback Form!