UC Rally Committee Weekly Agenda

We post our most recent meeting agenda’s on this page so that members can stay up to date! As we reach Big Game Week please stay up to date on our events!

General Announcements

Fall 2023

How do I Join?

Sign up here! It’s as easy as that! Then, join our Slack to stay connected and get updates on everything the committee does. You’ll also need to pay dues if you haven’t already. The sign-up form is so we know who you are and to make sure you get put on the official committee email list so you don’t miss any announcements. If you have any questions related to being a member of the Rally Committee, reach out to our Vice Chair of Membership Ariana at ucrc.membership@gmail.com.

You can join the Rally Committee up until April 1st this semester! So don’t be worried if you don’t have the chance this week. 

Slack Community Guidelines

By joining the committee slack, you are agreeing to follow our community guidelines, which can be read here! If you have any questions, please reach out to our Vice Chair of Communications Steve at ucrc.communications@gmail.com

Paying for Dues and a Rugby!

In order to fully join the Committee and join us for our springtime shenanigans, you’ll need to pay your dues and purchase a rugby*! Dues are $25 for the spring. You can pay via venmo to @ucrctreasurer22.. You can also pay through either cash or check made out to “ASUC/UC Rally Committee” emailing Wendy at ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com to coordinate a time to meet.

*In a typical semester, we would also require the purchase of an official rugby ($60) when joining. Since we currently do not have any rugbies in inventory due to supply-chain issues, this will not be a requirement for the spring semester. We have some reserves in every size (XS through 3X) available to borrow so if you want to do a job (e.g. banner guard or flag waving) that requires one, you still can!

Let Us Know How We’re Doing!

Confidential feedback form Link: Confidential Feedback Form!

Please use this form if you have any feedback or issues that you would like to make us aware of. For full disclosure, your response will be seen by the Vice Chair of Communications (Steve), the Vice Chair of Membership (Ariana), and the Chair (Bella). Your responses will not be shared or discussed by anyone other than the three people listed above. We will be checking the form weekly, and we will take your concerns very seriously. We hope that this is a good way for us to communicate about issues that may arise, so please use this form if there is something that you would like to bring to our attention.

Need Khakis?

Here are some links where you can buy khakis. You can also get them at Bear Basics! Even if you can’t order them, check out these links for ideas about fit and color!



UCRC  Merch

Do you want more UCRC Merch to show off during Big Game Week??  Slack @NancyGarcia or email ucrc.marketing@gmail.com! Prices below:

  • 2022 BGW Shirt $ 5
  • ‘We do it in the Greek’ Long Sleeve $ 15
  • AXE Bucket Hat $ 25
  • Mini Stickers $ 2 
  • Full Size Stickers $ 4

Upcoming Events

Berkeley Project Day

Sign up on our google sheets to be a part of the build and get your pin requirement done. Last day to sign up is Thursday at 5pm!

Card Sortings

We will be hosting Card Sortings to prepare for our gameday Card Stunts!! We’d love to see you there on 11/1 from 1-2pm, 11/2 from 10am-12pm, 11/6 from 12-2pm, and 11/8 from 1-2pm at California Memorial Stadium Gate 1! Join us for candy, music, and good vibes. Remember, 10 hours of card sorting= your Stunts pin!!

Ongoing Events

Director of Traditions Histories and Fun Facts Form

What do you want to learn about in the next year? Fill out this form to participate in some fun new traditions and to make your voice heard! Please take three minutes to fill out this form so that the weekly history presentations are about topics that you are interested in learning about! Also feel free to email Mikey your suggestions and Fun Facts at ucrc.traditions@gmail.com. Go Bears!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Suggestion Form

We will be having DEI presentations at most meetings, and we’d love to get your input! Fill out this form if you have suggestions for topics. You can volunteer to help Abigail with research and writing presentations, and you can also choose to give presentations, too! If you have any questions, feel free to email Abigail at ucrc.externalrelations@gmail.com. Thank you!

Sports Leaders

Do you have a favorite sport besides football or basketball? Want to bring your friends to go watch the games with you? Sign up to be a Sports Leader! If you sign up, you will be able to bring a group of RallyComm friends to go watch the games with you and will announce the games beforehand so the committee knows where and when to meet you. Fill out the interest form or email ucrc.athletics@gmail.com if your interested of becoming a sports leader! Slack Elias and Erik if you have any questions!

Club Leaders

Are you part of a cool club, performing group, or other organization? Does your organization make cool things or hold fun events? Do you want more Rally Comm people to love and appreciate your cool stuff? Fill out this interest form to be a Club Leader! You can announce the event beforehand and bring all of your Rally Comm friends. If you have any questions, email ucrc.externalrelations@gmail.com or slack Veronica.

Member Events Suggestion + Feedback Form

Do you want to have a direct impact on the fun internal events that occur throughout the year? Have an idea for House Cup or Bear Buddies? Just want to talk to Jenna through a form? Fill out this form to give Jenna feedback and suggestions for Member Events! All responses will stay between you and Jenna (Ariana and Bella will be informed if necessary), so be honest – Jenna wants to hear your input!

Kudos Form

Show some love to your fellow Rally Comm members by filling out a kudos for them! Steve will read all the kudos every week at meeting. Here’s the link!

Add the UCRC Calendar!

To keep up with our latest events, including times, dates, and locations, make sure to add the official Rally Committee calendar to your bCal. Follow this link to add our calendar to your schedule and make sure you’re up to date with all the happenings. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Ariana at ucrc.membership@gmail.com or slack @Ariana!

UCRC Constitution and Bylaws

If you’d like to take a look at the UC Rally Committee’s constitution and bylaws, you can check them out on CalLink through this link!