1. Is being a part of the UC Rally Committee a big time commitment?

The amount of time you devote to the Rally Committee is up to you. There are no required events members must attend – we just require that you stand in the front of the student section and cheer for Cal as loudly as you can!

2. Are there leadership opportunities in the Rally Committee?

Yes! New and old committee members alike have the chance to extend school spirit to the larger campus community, via designing publicity materials, helping to plan rallies, planning community outreach events, and interviewing alumni of Rally Committees past. From the moment you join, you have the chance to join our various subcommittees and participate in committee-wide brainstorming sessions as we think about how to expand Cal Spirit. At the end of the school year, members have the opportunity to apply for a position on the Executive Committee.

3. Is the UC Rally Committee only involved with sports?

Absolutely not! As serving as ambassadors to the University of California, the committee protects important university symbols, participates in community service, organizes campus-wide events, attends alumni events, and holds bonding events for its members. Athletics is by no means the committee’s sole outlet for school spirit, and when you join the committee, you’ll get the chance to see how tangible Cal Spirit is in all facets of campus life.

4. Does the Rally Committee give free tickets to sporting events?

Rally Committee members are ambassadors to the University and work tirelessly with various University departments and administrators to promote Cal Spirit, host campus-wide events, and give back by serving the university. As a thank you for these efforts, the committee is given tickets to distribute to its members for various sporting events. Committee members are the first to arrive at events and the last to leave.


  1. Greetings,

    I am a Cal alum, class of 1976. I would love to have a Cal rugby shirt like the members of the Rally Committee wear. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find them. Do you know where I can buy one? It doesn’t need to have the notation that it is a Rally Committee shirt, just needs to be blue and gold and have the script Cal logo. Thank you for your help in this, and GO BEARS!!

  2. Hello,

    I know that you can purchase a similar blue and gold rugby with the Cal script from the Cal Student Store. I’m not sure if they offer it in the online store or just in person.

    Hope this was helpful! GO BEARS!

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