Join the Committee!

How To Join

Thank you for your interest in the University of California Rally Committee! Unlike many clubs on campus, we do NOT have an application or an interview process! We welcome anyone and everyone who is a student at UC Berkeley to join our ever-growing organization! If you would like to receive more information from on Vice Chair of Membership over the summer, please fill out this form: This is your first step to joining the UC Rally Committee, and upon filling out the form, we will keep you updated on future events and ways to officially join the Committee!

Welcome Week

We are so excited to welcome new members to the Rally Committee! We have 2 weeks of exciting activities planned, which lead into our first home game day. Please stop by as many events as you would like to learn more about the Rally Committee and join! Our Welcome Week Schedule for Fall 2023 is down below!

Welcome Week Fall 2023

We will be hosting our Fall 2023 Welcome Week from August 29th – September 9th, 2023!

FIRST MEETING: August 31, 2022. Time: 8-9 PM. Location: TBD

Tuesday, August 29th: Meet The Committee

Come meet the committee through clips of past years, put together by the Directors of Mixed Media! Also get to ask all your questions to the panel of committee members, who will share their favorite memories of their time in Rally Comm!!

Location: TBD Time: 8 PM- 9 PM

Wednesday, August 30th: First General Meeting

Please join us for our first general meeting! We will hear the history of the Rally Committee, our upcoming events, and how to join.

Location: TBD Time: 8 PM- 9 PM

Thursday, August 31: Big C Hike

Join us to hike up to our campus’s Big C, meet other students, learn about the history of this tradition, and see a view of the Bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge!

Location: Meet in the Bowles Parking Lot Time: 5 PM-6PM

Friday, September 1: Card Sorting with the Committee

One of our greatest traditions, the Card Stunt (pictured above) takes place at every football game. At Card Sorting, you can learn how it works and be a part of the magic!

Location: California Memorial Stadium Gate 1 Time: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Monday, September 4th: Cocoa and Colors

Finish the week off by having a chill evening with some hot cocoa, nice conversations with Rally Comm members, and let your creativity fly through crafts on the glade!

Location: Memorial Glade Time: 4:30 PM-6 PM

Tuesday, September 5th: Flag Waving

One of the greatest and most recognizable symbols at UC Berkeley is the University of California’s flags. Only Rally Comm members can wave, so come on down and learn how to wave them from our amazing Directors of Athletics, especially in time for the first home game this Saturday!

Location: Upper Memorial Glade Time: 4:30 PM- 6 PM

Wednesday, September 6th: Song Comm

Come out to learn the university’s most treasured songs that are over 100 years old and played at all the games! Lead by our Director of Traditions at the most iconic UC Berkeley landmark, the Campanile. We also have our weekly General Meeting this day from 8-9!

Location: Campanile Time: 7 PM-8 PM

Thursday, September 7th: Night Rally

A night full of music, dancing, and Cal spirit put on by our Director of Special Events! Starting at Bowles Halls, we make our way through all the residential units passing through frat row, we dance the night away with Oski and Cal band’s music.

Location: Bowles Parking Lot Time: 8 PM-10 PM

Friday, September 8th: Noon Rally

Celebrating Cal’s upcoming gameday with the Cal Band, Oski, Cheer, Dance, and the Micmen, we will cheer the school on as students walk to and from class!

Location: Sproul Steps Time: Noon of course!

Saturday, September 9th: GAMEDAY against Auburn!

We will have more information at General Meeting, but please join us for our first home game, where we will set up the Card Stunt, have our Walking Banner Parade, wave flags, guard the California Banner, fire the California Victory Cannon, and more!

Location: Meet at Sturdy Bear! Time: Announced at General Meeting